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We provide a set of programs in English language
development, Skills Analysis, Handwriting and Counseling.

Jolly Phonics & Jolly Grammar

We make learning English language fun and easy using Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar methodologies. Language learning is continually evolving, beginning at birth, through interactions with others and the environment in which a child lives. For children whose native language is not English, understanding the nuances, complexities and dynamism of English language becomes difficult if not addressed in the early years of education.

Is this your child?

  • A preschooler bored with coloring and ready to read?
  • Halfway through kindergarten and still unable to read?
  • Struggling to read in first grade?
  • Not able to identify the beginning or ending sound?
  • Adding, mispronouncing or skipping words while reading?
  • Forgetting words even after repetition?
  • Having difficulty in forming words or high frequency words?
  • Incorrectly associating right sound with letter/letters
  • Having difficulty in spelling words
  • Struggling with vocabulary and comprehension

How do we help?

To help the child navigate the complexities of English language smoothly, we provide comprehensive, carefully charted, strategically paced, fun oriented Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar courses in the early years of education. These courses enable the child with good reading and comprehension skills:

Benefits of our program

Cultivates Imagination

Helps in Creative Thinking

Improves Comprehension and Processing Capability

Builds the Listening Skills

Helps in expressing through written words


Handwriting is a brain writing. It is an expression of individuality. It is a skill that has to be developed/nurtured from the young age as it is a means of communication through expression of thoughts in a written format.

Even as mobile phones and laptop rule the world, Handwriting remains as a very important tool for academic success and knowledge assessment for all the students. 70% of academic work includes writing. It could be homework/classwork/highlighting, handwriting is used everywhere. Illegible handwriting results in poor clarity which affects the overall success of children and school.

Like any other skill, a good Handwriting skill can be achieved by following these 3 simple steps:

Common problems faced by children

How do we help?

We make learning strokes fun and easy by using child centered approach, appropriate tools and techniques. We use developmentally appropriate instructions that are engaging and packed with fun activities.

To help the child navigate the complexities of Handwriting smoothly, we provide comprehensive, carefully charted, strategically paced, fun oriented Handwriting courses.


The latest advancements in education & technology, awareness in sports have created a plehotra of choices for children/adults to choose from. This has created the need for decision making that is a crucial factor to make the right choice to be in the right place in academics as well as career.

To make a right decision, it is crucial to know about the skills, interest, aptitude, attitude and personality.

To help the child navigate the complexities of decision making, we use following Analysis tools. These tools are comprehensive and helps in Academic and Career decision: