What We Do

Decoding a language starts with reading. Children can relate to sounds with various alphabets and words in a language even before they even identify the printed words. When a child masters associating letters sound with the language, learning to read will be as natural as learning to walk and talk.

No matter where you go, from reading a board to a book, decoding and then processing the language is first step. It is very important to train the children at a very young age on these aspects of language decoding, processing and expressing. Reading helps in the following:

Cultivating Imagination

Helping Creative Thinking

Improving Comprehension and Processing Capability.

Builds the Listening Skills

And helps in expressing through written words.

Art of Reading using Jolly Phonics

Learning to read is a step by step process. According to research, good reading comprehension requires three broad sets of abilities:

  • Understanding Phonemes (letter sounds)
  • Word recognition
  • Comprehension

Is this your child?

  • A preschooler bored with coloring and ready to read?
  • Halfway through kindergarten and still unable to read?
  • Struggling to read in first grade?
  • Not able to identify the beginning or ending sound?
  • Adding, mispronouncing or skipping words while reading?
  • Forgetting words even after repetition?
  • Having difficulty in forming words or high frequency words?
  • Incorrectly associating right sound with letter/letters
  • Having difficulty in spelling words
  • Struggling with vocabulary and comprehension

Are you clueless on how to teach your preschooler to read? We are here to help.

How It Works

We follow structured framework which is fun and child centered to teach Reading through phonemes using multisensory that involves Auditory, Visual and Touch elements. Learning to Read right in the early years of child’s development is very important and we use proven strategies and framework to enable each child to read better.

Reading Programs available:

Help for Schools/Institutions:

Are you a proactive school looking for implementing Effective Reading Practice with result oriented framework? Look no further. We use synthetic phonics methodologies with time tested tools and techniques and step by step guidance through the year to bring in/increase the love for reading in every child.

How do we help?

We help schools/institutions to scale up and raise standards with the following:

1. Set up reading policies
2. Details on handling specific reading problems
3. Teachers training

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