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What we do

Handwriting is one of the important core skills in literacy development. It has to be taught by demonstration, explanation and step by step practice as it involves extensive usage of Graphomotor Skills. Research shows that the ability to write legibly with speed has a positive effect on the overall academic performance of a child. Since legibility and content are vital for academic excellence, it is important for educators/teachers/schools to instill the practice of Effective Handwriting from the pre-primary school years.

Are you a proactive school looking for implementing Effective Handwriting Practice with result oriented framework for achieving the Handwriting excellence? Look no further. We use the industry’s best result oriented, 20 + years of research backed program by MasterMind ®. We combine our expertise and knowledge to bring in the best practice that is suitable for your institution.

Help for school/institute

Do you want to raise standards in your school and decrease turnaround time for the evaluation of written work?

We are trained professionals in Handwriting field who stay up to date with newest tools and techniques available for improving the handwriting. We are backed by 20+ years of rich experience in research, development and execution of Handwriting. We help schools/institutions with the following services:

  • Set up handwriting policies
  • Teachers training
  • If you are representative from institution/school or teaching assistant please fill up the form requesting for Teachers Training here.

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We would be delighted to share our materials and presentation with you, and help you to bring in a positive change to the teaching of handwriting in your classroom.

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