What do we do?

Handwriting is means of expressing language using a tool. Just like learning to read and write, writing is an important part of expressing one’s opinions as well. Even as mobile phones and laptop rule the world, Handwriting remains as a very important tool for academic success and knowledge assessment for all the students.

Handwriting is a complex skill that involves visual motor co-ordination, cognitive processes, perceptual abilities, motor planning, spatial organization, and integration of written language. According to research, children who learn to write legibly, have clear thought and are better at creative writing. We use developmentally appropriate instructions that are engaging and packed with fun activities. We train teachers and help schools and institutions to implement good handwriting practices using a clear scientific step by step process developed by our expert team.

  • We teach variations in Letter Formation, Spacing and more.
  • We tackle reluctance to writing
  • We solve problems of short span of attention
  • We help slow writers
  • We help build confidence in children by enabling them to express themselves better through written content.

Handwriting Programs available

We help children and parents with the following workshops and courses:

Are you concerned about your child’s handwriting? Are you tired of trying different methods and never succeeded? Is your child scoring very less in Academics? Has this been creating an impact on your child’s self-confidence and esteem?

We are here to help. Fill up the form here and request for the class availability. We conduct classes every month at our center.

What are the common problems faced by children?

Letter Formation

  • Curve
  • Slant
  • Stroke


  • Unable to write on the line
  • Space between letters/words
  • Unable to write within the margins/boundary

Reluctance to writing

  • Short span of attention
  • Slow writing
  • Speed writing with poor result
  • Drawing pictures instead of letter
  • Presses too hard or holds pencil/pen tightly

Confusion between usage of Capital and Small letters

Confusion with the connectors between letters

Legibility and Clarity


Poor posture

Poor Pencil/Pen Grip

How It Works

How Do We Help?

We are trained professionals in Handwriting field who stay up to date with newest tools and techniques available for improving the handwriting. We are backed by 20+ years of rich experience in research, development and execution of Handwriting. We have been working with children from multiple disciplines to help solve handwriting problems. We use well researched, tested and trusted tools and curriculum to understand the Handwriting problem of individual child and to cater to the specific problem at the root to make legible handwriting as a lifelong treasure for a child.

70% of academic work includes writing. It could be homework/classwork/highlighting, but handwriting is used everywhere. Illegible handwriting results in poor clarity which affects the overall success of children and school.

Help for school/institute?

Do you want to raise standards in your school and decrease turnaround time for the evaluation of written work?

We help schools/institutions scale up and raise standards with the following:

  • Set up handwriting policies
  • Corrective suggestions for different type of strokes
  • Details on handling specific handwriting problems
  • Teachers training
  • If you are representative from institution/school or teaching assistant please fill up the form requesting for Teachers Training here.

We are here to help. Fill up the form to share your requirement with us or to find out class availability. We conduct classes every month at our center.
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